Before you start, here’s a quick guide to crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding?

The Crowd

People who share your interests, vision, and passion become a community of supporters for your project.

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Different amounts are contributed by your supporters to fund your project and make your idea happen.

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Successfully funded project

Your project is successfully funded and you can start turning it into a reality.

Why GDA Challenges ?

We help at every step from concept to market.



Acquire starter capital and validate your idea by tapping into GDA Crowdfunding, The Algerian network of startups.

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We have more than 100 challenges, You can take a 25% share of each future startup, All challenges will be created like SPA companies.

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You’re only a step away from kicking off your entrepreneurial adventure on GDA Challenges. Here’s where to go next:

Step 1

Submit your project

If you have project's holder or startup account with GDA Challenges, and you are creative and innovator you can submit your project. Your campaign will have 5 essential parts,verified account with blue sign, the video, the description, the reward packages and your short biography. Afterwards, GDA project submission team will take a look at your project and if it is ready they’ll publish it on the platform to start receiving funds.

Step 2

Collect funds from supporters

Everything is about good projects, if you have a good one, various people will want to support you; from people who believe in your projects, investors and close friends, to diaspora networks that want to give back to their communities, or local sponsors. if your goal is done, you will find your money in your wallet.

Step 3

Start it strong!

When your project is completly funded and you get the funds, it is time to start your project. As you proceed in making your project happen, GDA Give you tools that you need to update your supporters with all of your latest news, they will be as excited about your project as you are!

Does your project belong on GDA Challenges?

Your project campaign on GDA Challenges must have a funding goal and a deadline. If you aren’t able to reach your funding goal by the deadline, all the money will be returned back to the original backers. However, you can divide your goal into Milestones by setting your minimum goal, and explaining what you will be able to do when you reach it. Then set your overall goal and what else you will be able to do when you reach it. You can also set other milestones in between your initial and your final goals. You will be able to collect all funds that match or exceed your first milestone.

A project should have a defined goal and should not be open-ended. Some examples of projects that are eligible to crowdfund on GDA Challenges are: starting community developmental projects. Creating a startup, writing a book, creating a prototype for a product, making a short-documentary, or anything about social entrepreneurship.

GDA Challenges accepts projects that fall within the following categories: Software & Web, Inventions, Renewables energies, Animation & Comics, Films & TV, Architecture & Design, Arts, Community,  Education, Environment, Fashion, Food, Games, Live & Social Events, Missions ,  Photography, Research,  Theater, Writing & Poetry.

GDA Challenges does not accept projects that do not comply with Algerian law or that encourage the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, political or religious movements and all projects that the team deems unfit.

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